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Our initial meetings will explore the biological, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural aspects of your life. Once the assessment is complete, together we will explore the issues and needs that you are trying to manage by utilizing a “motivational interviewing” approach. We will then discover the maladaptive behaviors and coping mechanisms and explore healthier, more productive, strength-based strategies for getting those needs met.

“My style is conversational, interactive, curious, and informal. The work we do will be outcomes-based, culturally sensitive, and focused on your strengths.”

As a direct result of my social work background and licensing, we can explore what other aspects of your life need attention, and, if permitted, I can refer additional services. I can also collaborate with schools, the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice, and other community agencies as needed. When working with minors, I expect the parents to be involved and am unable to provide therapy to a child without that agreement. It is imperative that work with youth be in combination with their care providers.

Interventions & Theoretical Framework

Based on a client’s issues and needs, I may utilize one or more of these therapeutic approaches. Each style includes links so that you may learn more about them.


Mindfulness Practice

Often we are unable to effectively function in our world because intrusive thoughts or stressors interrupt our focus on the here and now.  Mindfulness practice intends to support the client in staying present and accepting feelings without judging or applying expectations to them.  It helps decrease the stress related to what is happening before or after this exact point in time.  It isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but much like any good habit to learn, it is often effective in decreasing panic, stress, anxiety, and depression and allowing us to be present and grateful in the moment.

Read more about Mindfulness here.


Bowen Family Therapy

Bowen’s theory focuses on the balance of two forces. The first is togetherness, and the second is individuality. Too much togetherness creates fusion and prevents individuality, or developing one’s own sense of self. Too much individuality and differentiation results in a distant and estranged family.

In therapy, families can identify how individuality and togetherness enhance and obstruct healthy functioning by exploring the intergenerational and emotional processes their family utilizes.

Read more about this theory here.


Motivational Interviewing

Focused on increasing client’s awareness of potential problems, consequences and risks but in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and non-adversarial manner.  What does a “better future” look like? If you could wave a magic wand, what would life be like? How do we (client and therapist) get there? We assess motivation to change a behavior (typically substance use), acknowledge ambivalence and weigh the pros and cons of change.

Read more about this style of conversation here.


Virginia Satir Model

We need a summary here.

Read more about this model here.


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TF-CBT is a therapy style used to help clients work through trauma.  It means that I will move at the pace of my client to develop a trusting relationship, improve coping skills, and explore the trauma endured in the right amount of time.  This time is not my time; it is solely and respectfully my client’s time, whether the client is a child or an adult.

Read more about this model here.

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) credentialed by the State of California. Having experience in both social work and clinical therapy,...


I am a trained and certified LMFT and ACSW superivor and can provide individual and/or group supervision as needed...

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