Additional Services

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As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Credentialed School Social Worker, I can provide support and assistance with a variety of services.

Support Developing School Plans

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
  • Student Support Team (SST) meetings
  • 504 Mental Health Plans
  • Behavior Plans

Community Services Support

  • Juvenile Probation
  • Child Welfare

Individual & Family Therapy


There are many reasons why individuals seek therapy.  At times that therapy may benefit from the participation of a partner or additional...

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Therapy for Children


At times, family issues surface that can impact children in ways that are not immediately obvious, yet they become more apparent within a child’s behavior, emotional reactivity, school and social issues...

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Adolescent & Teen Therapy


In an attempt to cope with common issues, adolescents and teens may suffer from depression, anxiety, mood fluctuation, irritability, and reactive behaviors...

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Therapy Groups


I currently facilitate several groups. Please contact me if you are looking for group support to see if there is a group that fits ...

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Trauma comes in many forms. Whether you lost a cat you loved, a job, home, marriage, parent, child… It’s all trauma and it affects each of us uniquely...

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My Practice


Learn more about my education and experience, my approach to therapeutic counseling, or how I can help fulfill intern or assistant candidates with supervised hours...

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