Individual & Family Therapy

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I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

There are many reasons why individuals seek therapy.  At times that therapy may benefit from the participation of a partner or additional family members.  My services meet the needs of the individual and the whole group.  I provide services for the following issues:

Mental Wellness

  • Anxiety and depression, both situational and ongoing; 
  • Grief, including death or other forms of estrangement and loss;
  • Mood issues including mood swings, postpartum, and bipolar disorders;
  • Trauma, such as PTSD, violence, veterans and their families.

Relationship Needs

  • Cohabitation or marriage;
  • Parenting;
  • Blended family issues;
  • Co-parenting through divorce;
  • LGBT issues.

Domestic Violence

  • Verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual abuse;
  • Exploring unhealthy relationship patterns which promote the repetitive cycle of tension, blowouts, and honeymoon phases as a Certified Batterer’s Intervention Facilitator.

Substance Use & Recovery Support

  • for the person in exploring their substance use addictions or in active recovery;
  • for family members and loved ones.

Therapy for Children


At times, family issues surface that can impact children in ways that are not immediately obvious, yet they become more apparent within a child’s behavior, emotional reactivity, school and social issues...

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Adolescent & Teen Therapy


In an attempt to cope with common issues, adolescents and teens may suffer from depression, anxiety, mood fluctuation, irritability, and reactive behaviors...

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Therapy Groups


I currently facilitate several groups. Please contact me if you are looking for group support to see if there is a group that fits ...

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Trauma comes in many forms. Whether you lost a cat you loved, a job, home, marriage, parent, child… It’s all trauma and it affects each of us uniquely...

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Additional Services


As a social worker with a credential in School Social Work, I can assist with SSTs, IEPs, Behavior Plans, Juvenile Probation,...

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My Practice


Learn more about my education and experience, my approach to therapeutic counseling, or how I can help fulfill intern or assistant candidates with supervised hours...

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