Therapy for Children

At times, family issues surface that can impact children in ways that are not immediately obvious, yet they become more apparent within a child’s behavior, emotional reactivity, school and social issues, and difficult engagement with siblings and parents. 

Many parents I’ve spoken to are struggling with how to either reconnect with their child after upheaval in the family or address the big pink elephant in the room that the child is noticing and reacting to, but no one is talking about.

Child therapy, in conjunction with family and parental involvement, can often bring the family back into balance by:

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  • Preventing or reducing behavior problems;
  • Enhancing prosocial behaviors;
  • Improving family function by supporting effective parental leadership through discipline and household structure, promoting positive parenting, and increasing parental involvement and awareness related to a child’s academic needs.

Everything that happens in therapy with children under about age 12 is done so through the expressions of play and art. These modes of engagement allow the child to expose their thoughts and feelings in a non-directive, non-talk therapy focused manner.  As a therapist, I work to translate what occurs during the session into an awareness of what is going on inside the young client.  Parents are included at the discretion of my client; I, as a therapist, will aid the child in realizing what needs to be communicated with the parent, as well as when and how to share themes and ideas that begin to surface.

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