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Trauma comes in many forms.  There is this idea that there are Big T and little t traumas, but what matters most is how the trauma affects the individual and the impact it has on their environment and functioning.  This is where I see it --

How are you coping with your traumatic event?

Whether you lost a cat you loved, a job, home, marriage, parent, child… It’s all trauma and it affects each of us uniquely. There is also trauma that one is exposed to as a child through abuse, domestic violence, substance use, neglect, or mental health issues in the family home; this then affects romantic and professional relationships, parenting skills, our sense of self, and our ability to attach, bond, and respond to nearly everybody and everything around us.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I am specifically trained and have worked for years within the therapeutic modality of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or TF-CBT.  You can follow this link to read more, but it essentially means that I will move at the pace of my client to develop a trusting relationship, improve coping skills, and explore the trauma endured in the right amount of time.  This time is not my time; it is solely and respectfully my client’s time, whether the client is a child or an adult.

Individual & Family Therapy


There are many reasons why individuals seek therapy.  At times that therapy may benefit from the participation of a partner or additional...

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Therapy for Children


At times, family issues surface that can impact children in ways that are not immediately obvious, yet they become more apparent within a child’s behavior, emotional reactivity, school and social issues...

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Adolescent & Teen Therapy


In an attempt to cope with common issues, adolescents and teens may suffer from depression, anxiety, mood fluctuation, irritability, and reactive behaviors...

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Therapy Groups


I currently facilitate several groups. Please contact me if you are looking for group support to see if there is a group that fits ...

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Additional Services


As a social worker with a credential in School Social Work, I can assist with SSTs, IEPs, Behavior Plans, Juvenile Probation,...

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My Practice


Learn more about my education and experience, my approach to therapeutic counseling, or how I can help fulfill intern or assistant candidates with supervised hours...

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